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Dr. David Voss ED, Specialist Renal Physician Non Surgical Methods of Kidney Diseases

I am Dr David Voss, a specialist in renal (kidney) medicine - also called a renal physician or nephrologist.

I am registered with the Medical Council of New Zealand in the general scope of medicine and vocational scope of internal medicine and nephrology.

As a vocationally registered medical practitioner (doctor) I have completed my training as a specialist consultant and have the qualifications and experience within the specialty of internal medicine.

Internal medicine is the diagnosis and management of complex medical problems which may include the specialities of general internal medicine, cardiology, clinical immunology (immune system related diseases), clinical pharmacology (medicines), endocrinology, gastroenterology, geriatric medicine, haematology, infectious diseases, medical oncology, nephrology (renal medicine), neurology, nuclear medicine, palliative medicine, respiratory medicine and rheumatology.

In particular I have additional advanced training in the specialty of nephrology (renal medicine) and this is the specialty in which I mostly work. Nephrology (renal medicine) is specifically involved in the detection, diagnosis and management of kidney related illnesses. My skills are centred on the detection of kidney diseases, their cause and their treatment.

On my website I have some downloadable information sheets on various conditions that I am commonly consulted about. There is also some general information. By no means is my website complete and comprehensive for information about kidney disease.

Many people who consult me come with information from other sources - especially the internet. I consider my role is to adapt this broad and general information into the information that is relevant to the individual. Sometimes the generic web-based information is too general to apply to the broad manner in which kidney disease can affect different individuals differently.

Please note that the information in this website of mine is an educational resource and should not be used for decisions about any kidney disease management alone. All such decisions must be made in consultation with your doctor, health care provider and, in complicated scenarios, with a specific specialist with vocational training in that area.

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Dr. David Voss ED, Specialist Renal Physician Non Surgical Methods of Kidney Diseases