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Dr. David Voss ED, Specialist Renal Physician Dialysis Services at Auckland New Zealand Cost for Dialysis

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Dialysis services in New Zealand are Government funded for New Zealand residents only.

Fee-paying, private dialysis services are available in New Zealand, for non-NZ residents, visitors to New Zealand and New Zealand residents preferring individual care of the highest standard. At present I provide these in Auckland; but we can assist you in finding dialysis services elsewhere in NZ during your stay.

Treatment costs vary according to the type of dialysis (peritoneal or haemodialysis); duration of treatment; and locality of service provided. Please contact Chris Davies (dialysis unit coordinator) for more detail on haemodialysis. .


We are happy to provide haemodialysis for you in Auckland. A fully completed medical information form is required prior to your visit or acceptance for haemodialysis (HD) treatment. You can provide additional information, however we required this medical information form to be completed to process your request.

Haemodialysis machines we use are the Fresenius Genius/5008 machines. We use high flux membranes and can provide HDF (haemodiafiltration) or standard HD . The haemodialysis unit is situated at KidneyKare Dialysis Unit, ADKS Wallace House, 29 Hain Avenue, Mangere, Auckland.


You should contact by email directly Dr Voss regards peritoneal dialysis services.

Peritoneal dialysis with Fresenius manual (StaySafe) fluids and automated peritoneal dialysis (APD); or Baxter Healthcare (Freeline Solo) fluids and automated peritoneal dialysis (HomeChoice) are all available.

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